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Door Entry and Video Link Instructions

Once you have signed up for a video class an email confirmation from Perfect Fit Pilates and also from Brivo Mobile Pass will be sent to you.  *If you don't receive an email please use instructions below for using the backup method and choose a video.  Please download the Brivo Mobile Pass app for entry to the studio.  Access is granted ten minutes prior to class and the pass is scanned from your phone at the door. Once scanned, push in to unlock and pull door open.  Please close door behind you.  The instructions for playing the class video on the TV monitor are below.  Please review prior to coming to class and follow steps in order.  You may use your iphone or android phone with email to link to the TV or use the back up video files provided and follow those instructions.The emails will be from Perfect Fit Pilates "reservation for group reformer on date and time" and

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Connecting Video Email to TV

If using airplay to watch video:

Press red power button on TV remote.

Connect to studio wifi network on your device you will be using to stream video to TV. MySpectrumWiFi38-5G is the one to choose. mellowhouse993 is password.

Press home button (picture of house) on TV remote until app squares show on bottom of TV screen.

If using APPLE AIRPLAY (rectangle with triangle at bottom), scroll down past apps to Home Dashboard using large black round circle button at center of remote. Scroll right with same button to AIRPLAY. Press center of circle button to choose airplay.

On personal device: Open email from Perfect Fit Pilates here’s your link. Sign into your Mindbody account to access video.

On personal device: Press play button then pause.  Press airplay symbol (square with triangle at bottom). Choose [LG}webOS TV then press x to close at top left.  Press play button on personal device. Video class should begin. Volume can be adjusted on both your phone or the tv +/- buttons on tv remote left. Have phone in landscape mode for full screen.

Alternatively: turn on TV with red button and Use microphone button at center of TV remote.  While holding button Say “open airplay”

If plugging phone directly into TV using cable:

On personal device: Open email from Perfect Fit Pilates here’s your link. Sign in with Mindbody password and open video link. Plug phone into cable.  Phone will need to be in landscape mode to see full screen.(don’t have screen locked in vertical mode).

Press red power button on TV.  Pilates Video should be up on screen. Press play button on phone to start video.  Volume can be adjusted on phone or TV remote using+/- buttons on TV remote left.

If wifi goes out, please follow instructions for hard drive loaded with videos.  

Instructions for using backup method with TV remote:

Turn on TV (top L red)

Press home button (center L)

Scroll down to home dashboard (below TV apps) using round button at center and press lower part of button.

Use same button press right side to scroll to One Touch HDD usb1 then press center button.

Use same directional button to scroll to box B and click center button to select.

Use same button to scroll through videos with pictures and press center button to select. The video will start automatically once selected. Use the center button to control the curser on the screen to pause and restart video when ready to begin class.

Volume is controlled with left side +/- buttons.

You can always press the home button to restart the selection process.

Please notify Barbie at 775-240-2924 if wifi is not functioning.

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