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Small Group Classes

Come experience a class with personal attention with just four students per class.  Have a positive workout with coaching that helps you train using good form and proper alignment to gain strength and healthy mobility.  Be encouraged to work at your own pace to achieve your personal fitness goals without the stress of "keeping up" in the pace of a large class.  Get individual attention to achieve the results you are looking for.


Have someone special you want to work out with?  Do you find it easier to commit to exercise if you have a partner to help keep you on track?  Then a duet is for the two of you!  Have a workout that is specially tailored just for your dynamic duo.  We can alter our sessions to target different muscle groups and focus on specific goals. If you find certain exercises you really enjoy or a pace you feel more challenged with,  we can incorporate those more frequently.  Try the buddy system to feel the results you both want!


Do you enjoy a quiet fitness setting with no competition and more emphasis on personal results? Do you feel you could benefit from more attention or have special issues you have to work with?  Then enjoy a one on one exercise experience designed just for you!  Let me customize our sessions to achieve your fitness goals.  Let the focus be on you without distractions and allow your fitness priorities be the center of attention. 


Video Classes

Looking for more affordable classes at convenient times?  We have recorded many of our in person classes and made them available at extended hours for less in the studio on the video monitor in the studio.  You get the same fun and dynamic workouts at lower prices with the same great instructors and at hours that fit your busy lifestyle.

What is Pilates and what results can I expect?


While Pilates does focus on core strength, Pilates conditioning works all the muscles in your body.  Pilates exercises are geared to improve flexibility for a more limber body with greater ranges of motion.  It is a mind-body exercise technique that calms the mind and reduces stress.  It developes strength, flexibility and control and it IS for EVERYBODY! There are modifications for all levels of fitness, injuries and most health isssues.  We can even modify the pace: a brisk non-stop pace if you want the challenge, or a slower pace for those low energy days.  We can even add an aerobic component to really get the heart rate moving.  With regular practice, you can expect to feel taller, stronger, leaner, more flexible and  focused.  You will truly see a difference in the way you look, feel and move.

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