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Our Instructors and Studio

Barbie Meierhoefer

Certified Pilates Instructor/Owner

My name is Barbie Meierhoefer and I fell in love with Pilates over 20 years ago.  I realized immediately that Pilates was a wonderful form of exercise that anyone could do.  While building strong muscles throughout your body, you gain flexibility, balance and focus.  Pilates helps you stand tall and lean by working your stomach and back muscles (the core) without adding bulk to your frame.  My training was with the Physical Mind Institute with master trainer Maria Leone of Bodyline Beverly Hills.  I feel lucky to have had a teacher that gave me the ability to teach to all different abilities and also keep the classes fun, safe and dynamic.  I have been teaching for many years to clients with a wide range of ages and fitness levels.  I initially taught at a rehab facility and gained valuable experience training people with all kinds of injuries and limitations. I taught at UNR and TMCC before opening my own studio in 2015.  I truly enjoy watching others improve their fitness and overall health in the classes I teach.  I continue growing as an instructor through continuing education and self practice.  I love to keep classes fresh by adding new exercises while focusing on Pilates core values.  I enjoy teaching private, duets and small group sessions and love to introduce new students tom the joy of Pilates. I look forward to helping you experience the positive results that Pilates will help you feel and see!



Jennifer Mirich
Certified Pilates Instructor

Jennifer is a challenging and considerate teacher.  She completed her training with Balanced Body and teaches here and at TMCC.  Jennifer has been teaching with me for many years and has a loyal, wonderful following.  Her students love her fun and creative classes that will keep your mind and body working in harmony!  She has a warm and calming personality that may fool you into thinking her workouts aren't challenging, but don't be fooled! She is also a masseuse and has extensive knowledge about the body. If you are looking for a fun and creative class that provides lots of challenge she's your teacher!


The Home Studio Approach


Have an invigorating workout in a bright and cheery home studio. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, without competition where you can move at a pace comfortable for your body. Experience individual attention in a session tailored for your small group or try a private or duet for even more customization.  The studio has four Pilates reformers as well as four Pilates chairs allowing us to have fun and dynamic workouts.  We also offer video classes that are done in the studio with prerecorded videos similar to the same classes we teach live but are on the big TV monitor. The studio is located near Mayberry and McCarran. Come fall in love with an exercise program that will give you strength and balance to your core!

Heading 1


Thank you for being such an awesome Pilates instructor! I've completely fallen in love with Pilates this past year and you're a big reason why.  It's been exactly what I needed and I truly appreciate everything you've taught me.  Brenda C.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful and inspirational Pilates instruction the last couple of years.  I wouldn't have continued so long if I didn't have such a great instructor.  Thanks, Karen M.

I can really feel a difference in my posture and flexibility!  The variety of exercises you teach works out every muscle in my body.  My back feels stronger and during other activities I can feel the strength in my core.  Thank you for making us work!  Bill S.

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