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8 Myths About Pilates


  • Pilates is like Yoga

While the goal of uniting body, mind and spirit may be the same in both techniques, getting there is quite a different experience. Both approach movement differently, have different breathing styles and very different exercises - although there are some overlaps in these movements.  Also, Pilates uses several pieces of modern equipment originally designed in the 20th century that are still used today.


  • Pilates is too easy  

Pilates is only easy if you aren't doing the exercises correctly.  If you are not following the priciples of control, centering, concentration and precision, it may feel easy, but you are not really doing Pilates.  If properly performed, the exercises should be challenging and rejuvenating for all fitness levels.


  • Pilates is too hard 

Pilates can be very humbling, even for people in good shape.  Many other forms of exercise do not engage the deep core muscles in the same way that Pilates does.  A good Pilates class will include instruction for every level of fitness and a breakdown of how to properly perform the movement for your body.


  • Pilates is just for women

Pilates was originally designed by a man for men.  He trained both Scotland Yard and the German Military Police in self defense and physical training.  These days more women participate in Pilates programs, but many male sports teams are incorporating Pilates exercises into their cross training programs.

  • Pilates is only for flexible people

Flexibility is an inherent part of Pilates training, so you will gain flexibility by doing Pilates regularly.  The exercises are geared to improving flexibility for a more limber body with greater ranges of motion.  All exercises can be modified or adapted to accomodate each individual's flexibility level.


  • Pilates is too expensive

Prices for Pilates is comparable to other types of exercise classes in Reno.  But Pilates enthusiasts believe the investment you make in your health is worth it, as Pilates almost acts as "daily rehab" in the prevention of injury and mobility issues.


  • Pilates is only for young, fit people

There are many approaches to Pilates and the method can have a wide range of applications.  Classes often target specific populations: athletes, seniors, moms to be and dancers.  There are programs that can address specific illnesses as well as specialized sports programs for runners, golfers, tennis players and equestrians.  There is a style or modification available for all levels, almost all injuries and most health issues.  Almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of Pilates!


  • Pilates only works your core

While Pilates does build core strength, Joseph Pilates always emphasized that his exercises were for the whole body.  He believed the more muscles you use to perform a movement, the more efficient that movement would be.  The Pilates system teaches a balance of strength and flexibility and creates functional strength that applies to all movements.


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