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Pilates for EVERYbody

Our studio specializes in small group classes with a focus on form and personalized attention. We have beginner to advanced classes, including classes for seniors.  We believe Pilates is for everybody!  We use wood Pilates Reformers and Chairs by Balanced Body and a wide variety of props to make our classes dynamic and fun. Our instructors create a friendly, supportive, non competitive environment where you are encouraged to work hard but listen to your body.  We are experienced working with athletes, beginners, clients with a wide variety of injuries and clients trying to balance their fitness routines. Our classes work the whole body with a focus on core that will improve your posture, flexibility and performance in other fitness endeavors and in everyday life! We also offer prerecorded video classes in the studio using the reformers and chairs at more affordable prices and with extended hours! Come check us out!

"In my opinion, Barbie is an excellent and efficient Pilates instructor.  I've been in her twice weekly class for about six months and in that time we solved a decades old knee problem and my weak ankle no longer swells.  I lost 18 pounds because of Pilates coupled with a healthier diet.  I look forward to the next class."

                                                   Jim, Reno, NV 

"I am addicted to Barbie's Pilates! What an amazing workout. Every muscule gets a workout in an hour. I wish I had started this sooner.  Thank you so much!"

                                                   Amanda, Reno, NV 

"I have been in Barbie's Silver Pilates for three years. I had trouble walking when i joined. Now I am able to accomplish all the Pilates exercises and I feel great!  

I look forward to each class.

                                                  Patsy S, Reno, NV 

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